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The microwave spectrum is becoming congested.

Traditional radio frequency (RF) that is used for wireless communication today has a limited spectrum, and with the rise of smart home and smart city technology the abundance of connected devices is placing strain on our current networks. Li-Fi can help solve this problem. As the visible light spectrum 10,000 times larger than the radio spectrum it can be utilised to connect devices and assist in taking the strain off current networks.

Benefits and applications

There are areas where radio frequency wireless communication is not permitted or the best fit. Using 780 Thz, unlicensed spectrum of light, LiFi enables high-speed wireless transmission in banks, hospitals, schools, planes and EM interference free industrial 4.0 environments. Since the light is highly attenuated by wall, it’s very convenient technology to provide wireless internet connection in secure rooms, which are often used for the storage of sensitive information in banks, embassies or national security organization.

Li-Fi Sensors

Wireless communication operating in microwave bands can disturb equipment, devices and machinery in companies due to EM interfaces. We integrate industry sensors with Li-Fi systems which enable communication via light. Our solution provide wireless data collection from sensors placed where standard radio interfaces (like BLE, Wi-Fi) cannot be used.

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